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Ray’z Arcade Chronology Pixel Frame Special Edition; officially licensed PlayStation 4 game. Includes a colorful game manual and an awesome Pixel Frame portraying the boss battle against Odin. Strictly Limited Games exclusive for 79,99€ each. Limited to 700 PS4 copies worldwide. All of our games are individually numbered....


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Ray’z Arcade Chronology Pixel Frame Special Edition; officially licensed PlayStation 4 game. Includes a colorful game manual and an awesome Pixel Frame portraying the boss battle against Odin.

Strictly Limited Games exclusive for 79,99€ each. Limited to 700 PS4 copies worldwide. All of our games are individually numbered. We ship internationally.

Limited Edition Pixel Frame Special Edition Item List:

  • Game for Playstation 4
    Ray’z Arcade Chronology on disc in an exclusive and limited game case cover
  • Colorful Game Manual
    A Manual with game instructions and marvellous artwork and screenshots.
  • Pixel Frame
    Pixel Frame showing the boss battle against Odin. Will be bundled separately because of its size.

One of the most revered arcade shooting game series Taito produced in the 1990s, the Ray Trilogy is coming back with new features and in HD quality.

Ray’z Arcade Chronology includes three titles: RayForce, RayStorm and RayCrisis. The latter two 3D titles include enhanced HD versions.

Rediscover the trilogy with 5 Versions of 3 titles in a box full of collectibles and limited-edition items and relive the excitement of epic battles from outer space to cyber space.

One of Taito’s classic SHMUPS, the Ray Series’ outstanding feature has always been its lock-on mechanics and attack layer system. The former allows the player to target multiple enemies at once and destroy them with one deadly homing attack, while the latter features enemies on the same plane as the player as well as the one below them, necessitating a keen eye and quick reflexes to not be caught out. All three were pushing the boundaries of graphic fidelity at the time of their respective releases and still are a feast for the eyes today.

Story wise, in RayForce, humanity has entrusted itself to the supercomputer Con-Human, which regulates everything from infrastructure to the military. However, gaining sentience, it starts running amok, wiping out almost every human on earth, with the last remaining few fleeing into space. The human race’s last hope is the RVA-818 X-LAY fighter, penetrate the earth’s defences and destroy Con-Human.

In RayStorm, a semi-sequel taking place in a parallel universe to RayForce, the R-Gray fighters are dispatched to fight back the Terran colony of Secilia’s federation army which threatens to destroy the Earth.

Finally, in RayCrisis you get to experience the events leading up to RayForce, with an attempt to destroy Con-Human from the inside, via a cyber space-based attack on the supercomputer.

List of Game Features:

  • The Chronology includes arcade ports of the vertically scrolling shooters, RayForce, RayStorm, RayCrisis and for the first time ever as an official release, the prototype of R-Gear, the cancelled sequel of RayForce!
  • RayForce (1994, Taito F3 Arcade Hardware)
    Pilot the RVA-818 X-Lay into battle against the Con-Human neuro-network.
  • RayStorm (1996, Taito FX-1B Arcade Hardware):
    Choose between the R-Gray1 and 2 with their differing weapon systems, to fight against the rebellious Secilia Federation of colonies for the future of Planet Earth.
  • RayCrisis (1998, Taito G-NET Arcade Hardware)
    Pilot a Waverider and penetrate the Con-Human neuro-network in an attempt to avert the catastrophe which triggered Operation RayForce in this prequel. Stop the spread of Con-Human before it gets to 100%.
  • Use the “two attack layer” system to destroy enemies below and on the same plane as you
  • Use different attack systems, like lock-on laser and a variety of shot types
  • Each game features:
    • Breath-taking graphics and vistas, be it in 2D or 3D, pixels or polygons, supported by a striking art style
    • The very best music shooting games have to offer, composed by Taito’s legendary sound team ZUNTATA
    • Outstanding gameplay focussing in the above-mentioned lock-on laser and challenging bosses
  • R-Gear
    Everyone ordering a Strictly Limited Games edition of the Ray'z Arcade Chronology, will also receive the 1-Level version of the unreleased prototype of R-Gear included on the cartridge/disc! It was originally planned as a sequel to RayForce but got canceled before ever seeing the light of day. Even though it is just a prototype you can experience the iconic 2D visual style similar to RayForce!

    Why Ray'z Arcade Chronology is joining the SLG catalog:
    Released in 1994, the legacy of the RVA-818 X-Lay started then and there.
    In 1994, TAITO’s Ray Force development team created a vertically scrolling shooter on a dual 2D plane, featuring enemies attacking from the depths of 3D space. The unique Lock-on Laser was born. Two series titles followed that built on and refined the already amazing gameplay foundation. Due to these revolutionary mechanics, amazing graphical fidelity and on-screen action, these games became one of the most beloved arcade series of the 90s and early 2000s.
    This exciting gameplay, arcade legacy, as well as our great relationship with TAITO made it a no-brainer to include this great collection in our line-up.  

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