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Ninja JaJaMaru Legendary Ninja Collection Collector’s Edition, officially licensed Nintendo Switch game. Includes a colorful game manual and many additional collectibles. Strictly Limited Games exclusive for 79,99€/79,99$ each. Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide. All of our games are individually numbered. We ship internationally.The Collector's Edition contains: Game for...


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Ninja JaJaMaru Legendary Ninja Collection Collector’s Edition, officially licensed Nintendo Switch game. Includes a colorful game manual and many additional collectibles.

Strictly Limited Games exclusive for 79,99€/79,99$ each. Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide. All of our games are individually numbered. We ship internationally.

The Collector's Edition contains:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 
    JaJaMaru - Legendary Ninja Collection on cartridge / disc in a game case with an exclusive and limited cover sheet
  • Collector’s Edition Box
    Box in outstanding Hakone Puzzle Box art style to collect the game and all of the JaJaMaru Collector’s Edition’s items.
    Details: Collector’s Edition Box – approx. 21,9cm  15,7cm 5,0cm / 8,6” 6,18”  2,8”
  • Colorful Game Manual 
    Manual with game instructions to every Game in this collection and other insights.  
    Details: Manual, included in and size fitting to Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4 game case
  • Sticker Sheet
    8 JaJaMaru stickers – one sticker for each game included in the collection 
    Details: DIN A5 –14,8cm x 21cm and 6,9 x 9,8”
  • Double-sided Poster
    Featuring the cover of the Legendary Ninja Collection and “I’m JaJaMaru! The Great World Adventure” artwork
    Details: DIN A5 –14,8cm x 21cm and 6,9 x 9,8”
  • 2 Postcards
    Two postcards, designed according to the original ones from 1989 
    Details: DIN A6 –10,5cm x 14,8cm and 4,1 x 5,8”
  • Original Soundtrack CD
    The awesome soundtrack of JaJaMaru’s adventures
    Details: x tracks on x CD(s)
  • Material Book
    Containing as much assets as we could find, the extensive Material Book offers you an insight in the development process of the various Ninja JaJaMaru levels and more!
    Details: DIN B5 –17,6cm x 25cm and 6.9 × 9.8” about 50 pages
  • Origami + Manual 
    Create your own shurikens at home with this Origami set out of special paper and a manual. 
    Detail: DIN A5 –14,8cm x 21cm and 5,8 x 8,3”
  • Keychain of JaJaMaru and Gama Pakkun
    Exclusive keychain of the undefeatable team - JaJaMaru and his fellow companion Gama Pakkun (based on the version of 1985)
    Details: 6cm x 5cm and 
  • 2 Game Flyers
    Featuring the cover of the first JaJaMaru game and the first JaJaMaru RPG “The Ninja Scroll”. Details: DIN A5 –14,8cm x 21cm and 5,8 x 8,3”
  • Note pad
    An original note pad to capture your thoughts. Presenting the amazing cover of the Game Boy Color title. 
    Details: DIN A5 –14,8cm x 21cm and 5,8 x 8,3”
  • Furin/ Japanese Wind Bell
    A typical traditional Japanese wind bell, for decoration on your terrace or balcony.
    Details: 6cm x 5cm and 2,3 x 1,9”


Embark on a journey through the JaJaMaru universe!

With the ultimate JaJaMaru - Legendary Ninja Collection you get an extensive package of ninja action including eight games! Relive childhood memories with classic Ninja JaJaMaru Jump & Run titles from the ‘80s and ‘90s, experience the RPGs of the legendary series for the first time translated into English, enjoy the Ninja JaJaMaru Game Boy title now in colour and play the brand new, 2022 released addition to the awesome series.

Start your journey through gaming history with games from 1985 to 2022!

  • Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (1985, Famicom/NES)
  • JaJaMaru no Daibouken (1986, Famicom/NES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru – Ninpouchou (1989, Famicom/NES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: Gekimaden – Maboroshi no Kinmajou (1990, Famicom/NES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: Gingadaisakusen (1991, Famicom/NES)
  • Oira JaJaMaru! Sekai Daibouken (1990, Game Boy, now Game Boy Colour
  • Super Ninja-kid (1994, Super Famicom/SNES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle+Hell (2022)

To honor this unique game series and its rich history, we created some truly special Limited Edition featuring an exclusive cover art that displays the versatility of the JaJaMaru universe.

8 unique JaJaMaru titles take you on a journey through time:
1985: Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (Famicom/NES)  
Princess Sakura has been kidnapped! Her rescue requires a talented ninja.
Help JaJaMaru rescue the princess from the evil Pirate Namazu Dayuu by defeating all enemies in your way and collecting spirits to beat level by level in this classic side-scrolling Jump & Run. But be careful! Your opponent won’t go easy on you. Destroy bricks while dodging dangerous bombs Namazu is dropping. Collect power-ups for invincibility and pick up leaves to get to the bonus level!
1986: JaJaMaru no Daibouken (Famicom/NES)
Princess Sakura has been kidnapped...again! JaJaMaru sets out once more to save her and face the evil Namazu Dayuu. Fight your way through traditional side-scrolling Jump & Run levels packed with evil yokais and collect mighty weapons and power-ups to get stronger.  
1989: Ninja JaJaMaru: Ninpouchou (Famicom/NES)  
Our brave ninja JaJaMaru was asked to investigate some serious incidents. Monsters appeared all over the country, the people of Edo town were turned into yokais, the Book of Shinobi, which carries the knowledge of Ninjas, was stolen and the dragon Ryujin has taken villagers and stopped the rain. Of course, JaJaMaru fulfills his duty as a ninja! Together with Princess Sakura he sets out to banish the evil from the land.
In this first RPG in the JaJaMaru series you accompany the brave duo on their journey through four chapters. Travel through towns and dungeons and fight the dragons and demons which are terrorizing the villagers. Use your powerful ninja techniques to defeat the evil once and for all!
1990: Ninja JaJaMaru: Gekimaden – Maboroshi no Kinmajou (Famicom/NES)
In this fourth Famicom JaJaMaru game, our brave ninja sets out to save Sakura and Tono-sama. Defeat demons and collect spirits to perform strong jutsu techniques and beat your opponents! Fight your way through the different chapters in a classic Top Down-Action RPG style.
Oira JaJaMaru! Sekai Daibouken (1990, Game Boy, now Game Boy Colour)   
A very special entry in this collection. In the spirit of game preservation, and because of our huge love for this title, we took the extra mile and faithfully colored this Game Boy classic for an amazing new, yet nostalgic game experience. With a lot of dedication and hard work, every frame was painted by hand. And for comparison with the original black and white style, you will still be able to play both versions.  
Now you can accompany JaJaMaru in a bright colored Jump & Run on his mission to save Sakura from the yokai Satan. Battle around the world, through six levels and beat bosses inspired by regional folklore. Battle Dracula in Romania, defeat Nioh in Japan and face Cerberus in Brazil. Relive your JaJaMaru memories – in color!  
1991: Ninja JaJaMaru: Gingadaisakusen (Famicom/NES)
In the fifth and final Famicom game in the Ninja JaJaMaru universe, JaJaMaru and Sakura are leaving ancient Japan to travel to space. Defeat the evil ruler of the universe, Don Destroyda and finally restore peace. Enjoy some classic side-scrolling Jump & Run and use the powerful Cosmo Suit to overcome all enemies in your way.
1994: Super Ninja-kid (Super Famicom/SNES)
Originating from the beloved NES title Ninja-Kid, which was designed and developed by the creator of the Wonder Boy series, Ryuichi Nishizawa, Super Ninja-Kid came as a bright and fresh SNES remake of the original. Improved 16-Bit graphics, 2-player mode and a variety of stages - it offered a lot of new features back then. In this first Super Famicom game, JaJaMaru sets out once again to free a castle that is occupied by monsters. Climb up the mountain, use shuriken, bombs, a boomerang and more to defeat the enemies on your mission to save the castle and its treasures!
2022: Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle+Hell  
The latest addition to the iconic series is a real throwback to the good old times. Accompany JaJaMaru to safe princess Sakura from the evil pirate Namazu Dayuu – just like back in the 80s! This time, get together with a friend in a local 2-player mode to battle the huge yokai army. But that’s not all – there are a lot of awesome features included in this brand-new Ninja JaJaMaru title. Collect more than 20 playable characters, including the JaJaMaru family and also allied yokais that support JaJaMaru in the battle against evil. Every character has its own skills and characteristics. Use your well-known weapons like shuriken and bombs and try out items like minecarts and different kinds of scrolls! Collect coins and discover the unlockable Hell Mode to master some really challenging, new stages.
One special collection to honor a true icon of the 80s and celebrate its return in! Start your journey through gaming history from 1985 to 2022.

Why JaJaMaru: Legendary Ninja Collection is joining the SLG line-up:  
First time release in 1985 for the FamilyComputer, the story of JajaMaru, the brave ninja named after a character of an educational Kids show, started. In his first adventure, JaJaMaru needs to free princess Sakura from the catfish pirate that kidnapped her. It turned out that this was not the last time JaJaMaru would rush to the rescue of his beloved princess. This release marks the start of a classic gaming series that has delighted many people from the mid 80s up to today.
In the sense of game preservation and the love for this series, we bring the RPG adventures to the West for the first time and make the classic Game Boy title shine in a whole new way – faithfully colored frame by frame.    
The JaJaMaru collection represents the legacy of an iconic series, including the classic Jump & Run games, as well as the reobtained RPGs, completed by the latest modern entry to the series. The scope of the collection reflects how significant the Ninja series has been to gaming history over time. For us an icon and a total must-have in our SLG line-up!
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